Painting for Peace in Ferguson &

Painting for Peace: A Coloring Book For All Ages

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Painting for Peace in Ferguson
This children’s book is based on the Paint for Peace St. Louis community effort in Ferguson and south St. Louis city, which was published in early February 2015. Written as a child-friendly poem, Painting for Peace in Ferguson tells the story of the hundreds of artist and volunteers who worked to transform boarded up windows into works of art with messages of hope, healing and unity. Published by Treehouse Publishing Group, an imprint of Amphorae Publishing, all proceeds after printing costs will benefit organizations that work with north county-area youth and art programs as well as the businesses and employees affected by damage or loss of business.
Painting for Peace: A Coloring Book For All Ages

This coloring book is designed for adults and children to color together and lets them join the hundreds of artists who transformed the community of Ferguson, 

MO by creating dazzling and inspiring works of art with messages of peace, love and community. Now, parents and grandparents can color with their little ones, or on their own, to create their own images based on the murals that brought true hope to the community after months of tension. This book features original street art pieces, as well as some new designs ranging from highly detailed zen-like mandalas to simpler expressions of love and empathy that young children will enjoy. All proceeds after printing costs will benefit youth organizations that work with the north county-area along with small businesses in Ferguson, MO and surrounding communities. 

August 2, 2019

It’s been a long journey for the people of Ferguson and Michael Brown’s family since August 2014. By documenting the Paint for Peace effort that happened during the aftermath in November 2014, in the book Painting for Peace in Ferguson, and by visiting schools and community events in the years that followed, I have been fortunate to hear from many voices and people in the community of Ferguson during...

With more and more tragic news stories seemingly every day, many parents may want to shelter their children and some schools ask teachers not to discuss these events. But children are not immune to the media covering or adults discussing the latest in gun violence/school shootings, bullying, hate, racial divides, sexual harassment and more. This reality becomes inescapable when schools practice “activ...

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