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Links to Teaching Resources


A compilation of links to lesson plans, book lists and teaching resources. Many of the descriptions are excerpted from the sites of origin.


One thing you should do is educate yourself, as well as the children in your charge. The Southern Poverty Law Center has several resources, including this recent one: 

Teaching America lists more than 1,000 children's books for social action: 


Teachers Leading (NNSTOY) 2017 list of social justice books for teachers, but it's an excellent resource for anyone (and Painting for Peace in Ferguson is listed on page 6):  


If you're a teacher, this might be a good resource for talking about the unrest in Charlottesville from Share My Lesson 


Share My Lesson also has a curriculum on helping children cope with tragedy:

Educational Leadership shares how this St. Louis elementary school teaches "Ferguson."


Teaching Tolerance website (PK-12) - This website offers a plethora of teaching resources for all grade levels. It contains individual lesson plans as well as a series of lessons covering a wide range of topics from race and ethnicity to family and school environment.


Free Diversity Books for Classrooms - Multicultural Children’s Book Day wants to help librarians and teachers grow their diverse book selection.


Diversity Book Lists and Activities for Teachers and Parents (PK-12) - A collection of resources, also from the multicultural children’s book day sight. Provides lists of diverse books on a variety of subjects including different regions of the world, religions, and general diversity.


Mellody Hobson: Color blind or color brave? (6-12) - In this TED talk Melody Hobson discusses the importance of having conversations about race.


Cool Art Therapy Intervention #5: Show Me How You Feel Today (PK-12) - This article from psychology today investigates the value of using art to explain and understand feelings.


Three ways to turn schools into safe learning environments for LBGTQ students in post-Orlando America (Educators and Administrators) - This article outlines important steps that educators and administrators can take in their schools to ensure that all students are provided with a safe and comfortable learning environment.


How to Teach Children About Cultural Awareness and Diversity (PK-5) - This article explores ways to prepare your children and educate them about cultural diversity. In addition to strategies of how to talk with children about these topics, it also provides books on these topics.


15 Great Children’s Book That Celebrate Diversity (PK-5) - A list of books selected by a fourth-grade teacher to teach about and celebrate diversity.


How to Talk to Kids About Race: Books and Resources That Can Help (PK-Adult) - This website provides suggestions for how to talk to children about race. It also provides a list of books ranging in level from child to adult.


We Need Diverse Books (Educators and Parents) - This website provides a wide range of resources and books that emphasize diversity.

National Education Association shares resources on teaching #BlackLivesMatter -


50 of the Best Heroines From Middle Grade Books (3-8) - A list of excellent books for late elementary and middle school students with strong female protagonists. The author provides a brief synopsis of the book and her reason for having it on the list.


Multicultural Books for Preschool (PK) - A list of books from a wide range of cultural heritages that are appropriate for preschool aged students.

How to Teach Kids About What's Happening in Ferguson (5-12) - A collection of links posted in 2014 to resources that can be used when talking about racism and Ferguson in particular. Some of the links no longer work, but there is still a large selection of valuable resources.


Michael Brown (5-12) - Posted in 2014, this resource from Learn + Teach + Share provides guiding questions and framework to help teachers facilitate conversations around the Michael Brown case in order to create a safe and reflective classroom. The framework can be helpful in facilitating conversations around a variety of additional social justice issues as well.

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