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Parent & Teacher Resources

We’ve compiled a host of resources for parents and families who would like to help their children understand, confront, discuss and engage in the issues raised in the wake of the unrest in our city and the questions of racial equity and equality.
The information includes ways your family and children may be able to help, either financially or through volunteer work; ways to talk about issues of civil unrest, tolerance and race; and even simple ways that can help us to be different in our day-to-day lives.


Here is an additional resource page with links to lesson plans and other materials.


In the aftermath of events that make your children question some of their most basic needs and personal safety, your children will surely have questions - some that they share and others they internalize - about their wellbeing, that of their family and friends, the events the precipitated the unrest and what's to come.


Experts suggest that it's important to get the conversation going


We’d all love for our kids to be able to get along with all kinds of people. And school curricula are full of chatter about how to celebrate our diversity. We've developed a downloadable resource guide with advice from educators and other experts about how to get involved and talk to your kids.


Psychologists who deal with children and schools agree on the one most important thing parents must do during difficult times: Reassure children that they are safe and cared for. The National Association of School Psychologists counsels parents to “explain that all feelings are...


The National Association of School Psychologists has an online resource guide with ideas about how to address issues of tolerance and social justice with children. A few of their tips (with the full menu available online here) include...


Are you looking for a volunteer opportunity? A way to use your skills to support your community? If volunteer work is something your children seek, the best place to start is by setting a good example for your children.
Perhaps it’s not time you have, but you can donate money or participate in a fundraiser. Here’s a few ideas for how to get involved with your wallet.
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