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  • Carol Swartout Klein

Looking to help? Give your treasure

By: Kurt Greenbaum

Give Your Treasure

Perhaps it’s not time you have, but you can donate money or participate in a fundraiser. Here’s a few ideas for how to get involved with your wallet.

Visit Ferguson and Spend Money

Residents and business owners want the wider community to know Ferguson is open for business. Consider making the effort to visit the city and spend shopping dollars there. Have lunch or dinner at a Ferguson restaurant. Consider more than just lunch … there are optical shops, tire and auto repair shops, pharmacies, frame shops, etc. Businesses will know you support them because they’ll see you there, patronizing their shops, stores, boutiques and restaurants. Find opportunities to shop in Ferguson on the city’s Ferguson CityWalk website, where you can find a list of all the community’s businesses. Can’t visit the city yourself? Some businesses have online stores. Look for opportunities to buy online.

Donate Money Directly

Businesses, faith-communities and other organizations have launched online campaigns to raise money to help restore businesses in the Ferguson community. Consider focusing your attention on one specific need and offer your resources there. The ONE Ferguson website offers a listing of specific community fundraisers that have launched online.

Wear the Cause

Organizations such as I Love Ferguson are selling merchandise such as T-shirts, coats, hoodies and fleeces adorned with messages of support for the Ferguson community. Buying a bit of merchandise provides funds and shows the wider community that you are interested and concerned.

Donate Food

Some of the area’s food banks have suffered troubling shortfalls for their communities, particularly in the Ferguson area. Donations to any area food bank are particularly helpful. The United Way gave an update in December about food pantries, including a link to specific food pantries that serve the Ferguson area.

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