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  • Carol Swartout Klein

'I believe in the power of art'

If you didn't get a chance to see our longer video about Painting for Peace in Ferguson, here's another chance to take a look. This captures the energy, love and community commitment of so many people who had a hand in making this project happen — and who wanted to bring a measure of light and hope to the community after the events in Ferguson.

Here's a few of the telling quotes from the video:

"It’s just amazing that art brought this community together."

"I had my windows all broken out on the 24th of November, but I had beautiful pictures on the windows just the day after. They did a beautiful job."

“Bringing some light to a community that needed a reason to smile."

“I believe in the power of art."

“Art has always been a good way to get our emotions out and show that we were standing behind everybody in every neighborhood."

Find more on the YouTube channel for Painting for Peace in Ferguson.

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