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  • Carol Swartout Klein

Grateful for a wonderful new review

We're deeply grateful for a new review of "Painting for Peace in Ferguson" from the Midwest Book Review, which was established in 1976, and is "committed to promoting literacy, library usage, and small press publishing."

You can find the review on this page, but we also reprint it here in its entirety, with permission:

"Painting for Peace in Ferguson" is the stunning result of a native artist's compassionate response to the boarded up storefronts of Ferguson that resulted from the violence and racism of 2014. "Painting for Peace in Ferguson" shows the amazing results that stem from members of a community, black and white, coming together to create a new, vibrant, healing vision expressed through art, painted on the blank storefronts. A citywide Paint for Peace effort left all the blank storefronts transformed into dazzling, inspiring works of art with messages of peace, love, and racial harmony. The narrative poetry text of "Painting for Peace in Ferguson" explains the central message: Empowerment, or, out of chaos and fear comes joy, love and transformation, a community determined to rebirth itself with healing love for differences at the core. The rainbow and black and white art works are amazing, overwhelming, full of hope. "We must each do our part," no matter how small. Funds from the sale of "Painting for Peace in Ferguson" will go to the Greater St. Louis Community Foundation, to benefit North County area youth and art programs and business and employees affected by damage and loss of business.

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