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  • Carol Swartout Klein

Ferguson Artist Highlight: Stay Strong Ferguson

Ferguson resident, Darcy Edwin explained how she came up with her painting. "The idea for The Ferguson Tree came from Ferguson Optical's sign, which read: 'Stay Strong Ferguson. We Are A Family.'

The overall point of this mural was to show that there is strength and beauty in our unity as a family. And to send hope for our community to come together through the tragedy, and mov forward and grow stronger."

Darcy painted the tree in multi-colors to signify the beauty in diversity we have in all of America. SHe chose an oak tree because it is a common tree in Ferguson, and because it symbolizes strength.

At the base, she added roots and flowers climbing upwards. "In creating a circular form, the idea of rebirth and of everything being cyclical and connected is brought to mind. Each flower is a symbol as well. The daffodil symbolizes rebirth and new beginnings; the white poppy-peace; and the iris-faith, hope, and wisdom. If there is an opportunity to help people grow and learn through the art, that's what these paintings are for."

To color your own art inspired by Darcy's art, and that art of those that gave hope to the Ferguson community, pick up a copy of Painting for Peace: A Coloring Book for All Ages. Click here for more information.

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