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South Grand mural depicts hopes for peace

Artists Liza Fishbone & Carly Jacobs' painting "An Eye for An Eye Makes the World Blind" symbolizes hopes for an end to violence, lasting peace.

Painted on South Grand in the Tower Grove neighborhood in St. Louis, this piece represents two figures of different colors bringing flowers and peace offerings to each other. Their large eyes symbolize that the figures have moved past retaliation as described in the title. Their bodies lean toward each other to echo the shape of the St. Louis Gateway Arch.

"I couldn't believe the violence I was seeing, and the equal violence in reaction," artist Fishbone noted in a recent interview with author Carol Swartout Klein. "I wanted to present another option for our city and community."

Friends Fishbone and Jacobs heard about the Paint for Peace effort at the last minute and wanted to do something to help. Fishbone is a public and performance artist in St. Louis who has often worked on large-scale chalk drawings or outdoor murals. Her art strives to explore conflict and resolution in unique landscapes and fictitious environments.

This painting is featured in our new coloring book, Painting for Peace: A Coloring Book for All Ages.

Perfect for all ages, the coloring book lets you join the hundreds of artists who transformed the community of Ferguson & the South Grand area of St. Louis by creating dazzling and inspiring works of art. Their murals shared messages of peace, love and community. Now, parents and grandparents can color with their little ones, or on their own, to create their own images based on the murals that brought real hope to the community after months of tension. View photos of the art and artists here.

This book features original street art pieces, as well as some new designs ranging from highly detailed zen-like mandalas to simpler expressions of love and empathy that young children will enjoy. A wonderful companion piece to the award-winning children’s picture book Painting for Peace in Ferguson that has been acclaimed as a must-have by reviewers, teachers, parents, and kids alike.

All profits after cost will benefit Ferguson, surrounding communities. Learn more about the how the books help by clicking here.

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