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  • Carol Swartout Klein

What can you do in your own neighborhood to make a difference?

By Kurt Greenbaum


“We want our children to have faith in the bedrock institutions of our country. But, they also must learn that like the humans that comprise them, institutions and systems are imperfect.” From a column in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch on Nov. 26, 2014, by parenting writer Aisha Sultan.

PBS Parents suggests that families can go further than seeking out volunteer opportunities to help their community. They can actively work to expose children to issues involving their communities: Social justice, homelessness, the environment and more.

The site references Dr. Amy D'Unger, a sociologist and board chair for The article says D’Unger “recommends taking your child on a field trip to expose them to an important social issue. She says these experiences ‘can set the foundation in knowledge and enthusiasm for future volunteer activities.’” has other ideas about how children can get involved in their community from the perspective of social activism.

  • Write letters to targeted decision makers.

  • Enter compassionate messages in art and essay contests.

  • Set up information tables.

  • Make displays for library bulletin boards or store windows.

  • Put on compassion-themed shows.

  • Give speeches or make presentations.

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