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National Coloring Book Day Contest!

In celebration of National Coloring Book Day, we're running a coloring book contest ALL WEEK long- giving away copies of our coloring book for FREE.

Download a FREE coloring sheet featuring the Shalom Peace Hand. Color your unique creation and enter to win! All of the details are below!


How to win a copy of the Painting for Peace Coloring Book

Step 1. Sign up for our email list. Click here.

Step 2. Check your inbox for a FREE downloadable coloring sheet emailed from us!

Step 3. Color the FREE coloring page download ("Shalom").

Step 4. Share your colored page by 5:00 pm CST on August 5, 2016. and post it one of three ways a) Post on Facebook and tag our page. b) Post on our page directly at facebook.com/paintingforpeacebook/ or c) Email us your picture at paintingforpeace.book@gmail.com.

Step 5. We'll post all photos received on Monday August 8th. Tell your friends & family to vote for your picture with a LIKE or SHARE. The top TWO winners will receive the prizes listed below!

First Prize: Painting for Peace in Ferguson Children's Book + Coloring Book

Second Prize: Painting for Peace: A Coloring Book for all Ages

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